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Keesling Technical Services


If it is metal we can work with it. Our team is equipped with the top of the line welding equipment that can complete any of your projects. Some metals we work on are:

  • Aluminum

  • TItanium

  • Carbon steel

  • Chromoly

  • Alloy 20

  • Inconel

  • Hastelloy

  • Stainless steel

  • Copper and brass

  • Pipe welding

  • Structural welding

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Tube welding

  • Machine welding and robotics

  • Tank repair

  • Line boring & much more


Keesling Technical Services


If you are looking for a mechanic we are here! Our mechanics are very skilled and take pride in serving our community.

  • Heavy equipment repair.

  • Transmission and motor repair.

  • Hydraulic and seal repair

  • Pump and water main repair and replacement.

  • Piping and valve replacement.

  • Instrumentation 

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Machining & Cutting
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Keesling Technical Services


From industrial to residential if you are in need of custom signs or replacement parts for heavy equipment we have you covered. Keesling Technical Services provides the highest quality custom fabrication services in Augusta GA. We also have skilled machinists that can work with any of your milling needs.

  • Aluminum

  • TItanium

  • Carbon steel

  • Chromoly

  • Block machining 

  • Line boring

  • Hydraulic pressure block repair 

  • Bushing and bearing seat/mount repair 

  • Axle parts 

  • Transmission and motor

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